Personal Spa Day

Personal Spa Day Packages are a group of services enjoyed on the same day.
Gratuity is included with each Spa Day Package listed below.

Moonstone – $265                           (allow 3.5 hrs)
60 min pre or post natal massage, 60 min facial, spa pedicure
Moonstone supports one to flow gently with the natural cycles of life. It connects us to the feminine and assists to balance emotions.

Jasper – $300                                      (allow 3.75 hrs)
60 min massage, 60 min facial, spa manicure & pedicure
Jasper is a grounding and calming stone. It reminds us of our connection to the natural world and the oneness of our body and spirit.

Quartz – $300                                     (allow 4 hrs)
30 min infrared sauna with rainshower, 90 min massage OR 90 min reflexology/massage blend, 90 min facial
Quartz amplifies our intentions and assists us to put away what no longer serves us. A perfect stone to support rebalance and positivity.

Tourmaline- $385                                     (allow 4 hrs)
sugar body polish with 50 min massage, 60 min facial with resurfacing treatment, detox pedicure
Tourmaline is a protective stone, assisting to dispel negativity and increase physical vitality.

Emerald – $450                                  (allow 6.5-7 hrs)
30 min sauna, 60 min massage, 40 min reflexology OR chakra balancing, 90 min facial, spa manicure, hot stone pedicure – break with light lunch provided
Emerald is a stone of love and honesty. It enhances joy and promotes communication and truthfulness. It is associated with the heart.

Custom Spa Day
You are also welcome to design your own spa day experience. Three or more services enjoyed on the same day, valued at $250 or higher, is considered a custom personal spa day. A 10% discount will be applied to all your services and 20% gratuity will be automatically added and dispersed to your practitioners.

*An infrared sauna session is not included as a service during a custom spa day and is not available at a discounted rate.

*Personal Spa Days are intended for use by one person during a luxurious day at our spa. Packages are non-refundable.

*24 hours notice is required for cancellation or reschedule of a Personal Spa Day package.