A Quick Way to Renew

Fall is here and we’re beginning to feel the urge for change. So let’s make like a snake, shed our sunned layers and get ready to feel our soft skin.
If you weren’t strict about your daily dosage of flax oil, drinking lots of water and good SPF this summer, our aromatic sugar scrub will get you smoothed up in no time.
Our scrub is all natural and handmade by our esthetician, Jen P. Jen uses organic sugar with natural AHA, grapeseed oil, flower essences and essential oils (like orange, peppermint or lavender).

But what exactly happens during a treatment?

Here’s what you can expect:

After enjoying a nice glass of lemon-infused water or a warm cup of herbal tea, you’ll be taken to a treatment room where you’ll strip down (don’t worry, there’s disposable underwear) and get comfortable on the table.

Your practitioner mixes the scrub and starting at your back, gently begins to apply the scrub.

The sugar looks coarse and can be a little messy, but the application of the scrub is as relaxing as a massage, and the room fills up with the invigorating scent of eucalyptus or the calm of lavender.

Next, it’s off to one of the beautiful rain showers to rinse off the sugar. Each appointment has time built in for a shower, so be sure to take your time and enjoy the private time, unbelievably soft (and earth-friendly) bamboo towels and natural products.

Now it’s time for the moisture application.

Talk about a body treatment! You won’t believe how incredibly smooth the skin feels and you’ll definitely want to come back to try the 90 minute treatment, which features a 30 minute massaging moisture application.

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