Non-toxic Manis and Pedis, Oh My!

Searching for luxurious nail treatments that are as good for the environment as they are for your fingers and toes? Look no further! Allyu’s skilled nail artists are eager to soothe, smooth, and beautify your tired feet and hands with rich lotions, natural cleansing scrubs, and a rainbow of possible polish combinations. We are pleased to provide our clients with fine lacquers, topcoats, and strengtheners from Spa Ritual: a non-toxic line free from harmful chemicals like formaldelhyde and DBP (linked to birth defects…yikes!), so they are safe for pregnant and nursing women. The company even packages their vegan products in recycled glass! And with dramatic reds like Stiletto, rich plums like Solitude, luscious golds like Can You Dig It, and sweet shell pinks like Ethereal, eco-consciousness never looked so good! Allyu offers Express Mani/Pedis ($20/$35) for a quick lunchtime clean-up, Spa Mani/Pedis ($35/$50) to pamper those heels and dry skin, and Allyu Signature Mani/Pedis ($50/$75) for the ultimate in luxurious indulgence. Go on, treat yourself!

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