Tips for Your Winter Spa Visits

Give yourself a little more time

We know to-do lists don’t shorten with the daylight hours, but your body needs a little more rest during this season. Come early for your appointment and spend some time in our meditation tent to relax and transition from a busy life. Add a cup of our hot herbal tea to warm your heart.  Your mind, body and spirit will thank you.

Add a sauna
Our infrared sauna is not only sublimely warming but also a great boost to your immunity. It detoxifies and fortifies your system and preps your skin and muscles to receive your treatment more fully.

Sunday secret
Anyone who works in a spa knows that Sundays have their own special vibe. They are a mellow, relaxing day to enjoy spa treatments. Don’t forget to allow time for the meditation tent!

Try a hot stone massage
If the winter chills have settled in and don’t seem to dissipate, try a hot stone massage. Warm basalt stones are used to relax the tissue and massage the muscles.

Pamper that winter exposed skin
If your skin is getting dry and no moisture seems to take, consider a  60 or 90 minute facial or full body sugar exfoliation. Oxygenating the tissue and removing the thick outer layer will prepare your skin for receiving moisture and nourishment.

Cut off the toes to your socks
This idea was borrowed from a brilliant client who altered her socks for her post-pedicure toes. To avoid smudging, our client cut off the toes of her socks and slipped some flip flops over them. Instant warm feet for the trip home! Of course, you can invest in some couture cuties like Peeky Toes, but if you haven’t had time to shop, a quick snip will do the trick.

Make your needs known
A great tip all year round –  When visiting a spa, it is your experience. The day may have been a doozy and you might need  more mellow music, a warmer treatment room, or a more nurturing touch on this day. Always feel comfortable to ask for these changes. Your visit to the spa is an important time  for self-care and we want to make every effort to provide for your needs.

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