Fun in the Sun: Choosing the Right Sunscreen

With summer in full swing, your skin is being exposed to the sun on a daily basis. You might wonder, do I need sunscreen AND a moisturizer to keep my skin soft and safe from the sun’s rays?  Below are  tips for choosing the right sunscreen.

1.  Choose a lightweight sunscreen that contains moisturizers for daily exposure (Epicuren SPF 20 with Zinc Oxide, Xtreme Cream SPF 45).  Drier skin types can layer their SPF over a light moisturizer for added comfort.

2.  Sensitive skin benefits from a product containing Zinc or Titanium Dioxide (SPF with Zinc Oxide, Active Sport Treat SPF 30+, Xtreme Cream SPF 45).  Both are physical sunblocks, which act as a “veil,” shielding the skin without causing potential reactions.  Drier skin types should choose Titanium Dioxide, normal or oily types should use Zinc as it can help with controlling oil.

3.  Athletes are best served with a water/sweat resistant formula such as Active Sport Treat SPF 30+.  As always in prolonged sun exposure, reapplication is key to preventing sunburn.  Every two hours or after swimming, another full application is recommended.  Water-resistant sunscreen loses its effectiveness after only 40 minutes in the water, so reapply often to prevent damage.

4.  How much SPF you apply DOES matter, as well as how often.  Dermatologists recommend a shot-glass portion for the entire body, and a teaspoon for the face.  Using less than this amount dramatically reduces the SPF rating and protective abilities of even full-spectrum blocks.  Always apply sunscreens at least 20 minutes prior to exposure and 10 minutes before applying makeup.
Creating healthy habits now can assure beautiful skin for years to come. Sun exposure is one of the main causes of premature aging of the skin, including wrinkles and hyper-pigmentation. Daily SPF usage is key to keeping skin gorgeous and more importantly, cancer-free! For more in-depth information about the health effects of sun overexposure, The EPA’s website has great information.

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