Customized Spa Gathering for Your Occasion

At the end of September we hosted a spa event for one of our lovely soon-to-be-wed clients and her wonderful bachelorette party pals. It was a day of mini spa treatments (40 minute massages, 30 minutes facials and spa pedicures), healthy snacks from Whole Foods, and a brand new workshop brought to us by Liz Meitus.

As an alternative to the traditional bachelorette party, the women began their day with a playful and creative meditative workshop in our community space. The intent of the workshop was to provide clarification and beautification from the inside out, helping to guide the group toward reclaiming each participant’s glow. Newly refreshed, the ladies used inspiration from the meditation journey to jointly and intuitively paint a serving bowl for later use in the bride’s home. Liz illuminated the group dynamic and identified the gifts that each brought forth in their relationship with the bride.

If you have a milestone event coming up (wedding, baby, anniversary, that big birthday) or even if you just want to get some friends together, we are more than willing to work with you to find a fun and peaceful way to celebrate the “Now” in your life.

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