An introduction to Homeopathy

Homeopathy is a system of medical therapy that adheres to the belief that “like cures like”. Homeopathic remedies give a very small dose of an ingredient that could stimulate the symptom of illness with the intention to ignite the immune system to rise up naturally against it. The National Center of Homeopathy offers this analogy: “If you peel an onion, your eyes burn, itch and water. You might also have a runny nose and begin to sneeze. If you had similar symptoms during a cold or allergy attack, such as a runny nose, watery eyes and sneezing, a homeopathic micro-dose of the remedy Allium cepa (red onion) would help your body heal itself.”

This philosophy may seem a bit bizarre to our modern health mind set that has been taught to kill bacteria and eradicate invasion, instead of introducing a culprit to our system. However, even vaccines are a small amount of virus used to stimulate our own immune response. Western thinking about dosage and contraindications has led to a lot of questions about this safe and simple form of treatment.

The Law of Similars (like cures like) has been known since the time of Hippocrates and in 1900 almost 20% of the doctors in the USA were homeopaths. However, medicine took a different course of development for almost a century and only recently homeopathy has become a more common means of treatment again. Other areas throughout the world have consistently maintained a use of homeopathic remedies. In fact, Queen Elizabeth’s family doctor is a homeopath.

Allyu Spa is excited to offer several homeopathic remedies for purchase. Homeopathic remedies are extremely safe and can be taken by everyone, including pregnant and nursing women, children, and in tandem with other medications without complication.

  • One of our most popular remedies is Nectadyn, a cough syrup that supports the body in expectorating and soothing rather than suppressing the cough. Of course, when the body naturally eliminates the mucous and irritation, the cough ceases. Our spa attendant Musoni was amazed how quickly her five year old daughter was able to return to peaceful, quiet sleep after use.
  • Cerecomp has also drawn attention by its ability to stabilize concentration and decrease mental fatigue. In our world where stimuli can exhaust us, a support to focus attention is invaluable.
  • Traumeel is one of the most widely known homeopathic remedies in our industry. It is available in both oral and topical form and alleviates muscle pain and inflammation better than almost any product on the market.
  • Allyu’s homeopathic detox kit is a combination of three remedies that assist to eliminate toxins from the liver, kidney, lymphatic system and gallbladder.

There is an endless amount of information to study about homeopathy, and we hope to have sparked your curiosity. For more information give us a call at Allyu Spa, and you can also check out the National Center of Homeopathy as well as the National Center for Complimentary and Alternative Medicine.

Photo: Heel Detox

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