Create Your Personal Altar

Have you ever wanted to create a personal altar but didn’t know where to begin? Do you like the notion but wonder if it may be too religious or new age?

An altar is personal – it is a place set apart to represent your intentions and unique vision of holiness. Holy is derived from the word “whole.” In a world that can feel consistently fractured and distracted, an altar is the place where you can unfold your vision of life being complete, healthy, uninjured and joyful: whole. It is a focal point to remind you what is personally important and to honor your spiritual self. Imagine coming home after a hectic day and lighting a candle at your altar. The moment itself can center and encourage you back to a place of peace.

Your altar may be in a peaceful corner of your bedroom or in a main passage of your home. You may decide to lay down a small cloth to designate the area or use an entire tabletop.

Anything meaningful can be included on your altar:

  • Photos of your family
  • Gifts from a loved one
  • Objects found during a time connecting with nature
  • Spiritual images that you connect to
  • A note conveying hopes and dreams for your life

Your altar can be as small or large … as simple or ornate as you choose. It reflects your tastes and beliefs!

At Allyu we have several altars throughout the space. Near the meditation tent is a stone statue of Ganesha and we light a candle in front of him every day. Ganesha is known as the “remover of obstacles” and this area is set aside as a reminder that we are supported personally, professionally, and that difficult times are transitory. Our statue of Ganesha is hundreds of years old and represents graceful endurance by merely existing! Ganesha’s altar also holds a bowl of rose quartz, and you are welcome to take a piece and bring that energy home with you.

We also have a “mesa” near the reception desk. The Quechua peoples of Peru use this term for their personal altar and we have utilized their traditional layout (with some Allyu personalization). Our mesa includes representation of the four directions (NSEW) and the elements (earth, water, air, fire and ether) to encourage balance and collaboration with the earth. It reminds us of our intentions as a community to each other, our clients, our global community, and the earth. The mesa is placed in a very public area because our commitments as a business affect everyone who visits us.

Some final thoughts:

  • Create your personal altar to clarify your thoughts and intentions.
  • Sacred space is not about decoration. Any representation of you is always beautiful!
  • Keep your altar clean and dust-free to encourage clear and vibrant energy.
  • Change your altar whenever your needs evolve.
  • Have fun creating your sacred space – it belongs to you.

If you look around your home or office right now, you may already have the makings of an altar. Perhaps there is a shelf or mantle where items dear to you have collected. There are photos, gifts that a child has made for you, mementos from your travels, and maybe even a favorite scented candle. With some intention to placement and care, you have a sacred space that reflects your life and supports your dreams.

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