Extended Wear Nail Polish vs. Traditional Nail Treatments

“No-chip” manicures are the talk of the town. With summer upon us and a list of activities awaiting, the idea of a flawless two week manicure is a alluring. What are these extended wear polishes? Do they really last 2-3 weeks? Are they safe for everyone?

Several companies have released a unique hybrid of a gel and traditional lacquer. At Allyu Spa, we have chosen the Gelish brand, mostly due to their fun colors! Gelish applies like a polish but has the additional resilience of gel to create a long lasting and durable manicure. Each coat of polish is cured for 2 minutes under a UV light. It dries instantly and, for many, can last 2 weeks without dulling or chipping. The ten minute professional soak removal leaves the nail plate intact and undamaged. We’ve also chosen these new lacquers because they are DBP, toluene and formaldehyde free.

The benefits of this lacquer are many:

  • No dry time! Reach right into your purse to grab your car keys.
  • For most clients, the application will last for two weeks without dulling or chipping.
  • Enjoy strong, protected nails. Hybrid lacquers protect and help strengthen your natural nails without any damage.
  • Gentle application and removal. Removes safely and easily in less than 10 minutes.

Extended wear manicures are not for everyone. Due to the additional hardness of the lacquer, certain innate nail qualities or daily routines can minimize the durability of the finish.  Factors that can affect your polish endurance include:

  • If you have extended exposure to water, which expands and contracts the nail, it will weaken the polish bond.
  • If your daily activities knock or grind the tips of the nail.  This can damage or chip the finish.
  • If your nail bed is naturally oily, be grateful! This is a sign of very healthy nails but can minimize the amount of time the Extended Wear Polish adheres to the nail plate.

An appointment is needed for professional removal of the Extended Wear Polish. If you are in the routine of a regular manicure, this will be an easy transition. However, if you prefer to touch up a chip at home or remove polish at your leisure, this may be an undesired additional step.

This service does include exposure to UV to cure and acetone is needed for removal. As we all know, excessive exposure to UV light via the sun or tanning beds is damaging to the skin and increases risk of cancer. We are confident this exposure is minimal for our guests but also understand and respect if you chose to abstain from this exposure entirely.

If you decide that a traditional polish manicure is better suited for you needs, the following are a few tips to extend wear and enjoyment:

  • Apply a clear top coat to your manicure every 2-3 days to protect color and shine
  • Avoid extended exposure to water
  • Massage oil or lotion into the cuticle area daily
  • Pull out keys and phone, have parking validated and take care of payment prior to service to avoid smudges while polish is still curing
  • Remember, traditional lacquer takes 24 hours to fully cure so extra care needs to be taken during the day of your service

No matter what route you choose to pamper and beautify your hands, we hope you enjoy it as a joyful extension of your self expression!

Extended Wear Polish Manicure               $38

Extended Wear Soak off Removal             $15  ($12 with any manicure)

Extended Wear Polish Removal and Reapplication   $50

* Please let us know if you currently have Extended Wear Polish applied when you make subsequent appointments to assure we allow adequate time for an amazing nail service.

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