Gentle Seasonal Detox

Are you looking for a process to re-energize and cleanse the body? Even if you are not prone to New Year’s resolutions, a gentle detoxification is a wonderful way to bring in the year and support our health through the rest of the winter.

Contrary to many popular celebrity magazines, the focus of a detox is not deprivation or starvation. It is a process of releasing toxins from your tissues, flushing them from your system and nourishing the cells as they re-build in a strong and healthy fashion. Pregnant or nursing women should not detox and anyone with a chronic illness should consult a physician. However, most healthy adults will find increased health and vitality through gentle detoxification. The simple steps below will support the process:
Raw vegetables and fruit
Consuming vegetables and fruit (raw if possible), is a great way to assist the body with detoxification. Enzymes in fruits and vegetables clean the intestinal wall and clear the path for the body’s continued elimination of toxins. They strengthen the cells and tissues to operate at peak performance, creating energy and health. If you know your body will also need protein for optimum functioning, healthy choices include almonds, chestnuts and tofu. Numerous discussions have brought up the damage of eating habits leading to an acidic (rather than alkaline) bodily state. Foods that support an alkaline body increase health, deter illness and cancer growth and naturally improve our innate ability to detoxify. Click here for a listing of acid and alkaline foods. A wonderful resource for healthy yummies to enjoy during a detox.

Skin Dry Brushing
As the largest organ in the body, our skin is responsible for elimination of up to ¼ of the body’s toxins. Dry brushing is a simple and enjoyable routine and a must during a detox program. The benefits are internal and external: stimulating the lymphatic system which enhances cleansing and health, increasing circulation, exfoliation and deterrence of cellulite, hormone and oil production, regulation of nervous system. Click here for details on dry brushing benefits and techniques.

Sauna Therapy
Saunas use the ageless practice of throwing toxins and poisons out of the body through simple sweating. It enhances your immune system, improves your cardiovascular function and relieves stress and pain. Consistent use of sauna will restore your skins innate ability to purge toxins. Make sure you are well hydrated before sauna use and drink water or juice after to provide a medium for your body to flush. Twenty to thirty minutes is a therapeutic amount of time. If you are pregnant or have a serious heart condition, sauna therapy is not recommended.

Yoga Stretching and Breathing
Yoga practice unifies the mind, body and spirit in support of all your body systems. The movements remove carbon dioxide, lactic acid and lymphatic fluid from the tissues of your body. The breathing clears out carbon dioxide from the lung tissue and brings in floods of healing oxygen for your cells. Yoga also calms the nervous system, lowering cortisol levels and allow the body to function in cooperation for your cleanse. If you are interested in exploring basic yoga poses at home, here is a link to get you started.

Warm Lemon Water
Could it really be this simple? My grandfather swore by his warm lemon water every morning. Not until decades later did I realize the benefits. Lemon alkalizes the system, cleanses the blood, supports digestion, and regulates weight. Take the juice of ½ a lemon in a cup of warm water every morning. Hopefully the results you see during your detox will encourage you to join my grandfather in making this a life long habit. Click here for more information about how lemon water can beautify you inside and out.

Additionally, counter tops of supplements aren’t needed for a healthy detox program. However if you choose, the following are a few simple additions that could assist you.

  • Dandelion Tea or an herbal detox tea blend can support your liver and kidneys to release toxins.
  • Flax seed or an herbal laxative can assist with bowel elimination. Since our efforts are toward releasing and purging the toxins, regular bowel movements are an important component. Morning lemon water will also assist with this process.
  • A quality vegetable based multi-vitamin is always a support to our cellular health. If you do not take one currently, this time of renewed cooperation and communication with your body would be a good time to begin.

Some people experience a short period of time when uncomfortable symptoms appear during a cleanse: headache, congestion, sleep disturbance, diarrhea, skin irritation or slight resurfacing of a previous illness. This time may not feel pleasant, but it is a wonderful sign. Your body is effectively releasing toxins, bacteria and poisons that could have festered into a more serious disease. If this occurs, rest and hydrate to support your body in its purge. An herbal laxative tea is also recommended during any healing crisis to expedite the release and end of symptoms.

If you are concerned about the possibility of a healing crisis during your cleanse, you may choose to take a week or two in preparation before your detox. Morning lemon water, dry brushing, increased hydration and minimal caffeine and sugars can prepare your system for the efforts of detoxifying.

Entering into an intentional cleanse is not a war with your body, nor a punishment for indulgences or neglect. Honor yourself and your body during the process. Your self-love will do as much for your health as anything else. Whether you choose to set aside a week or a month to implement changes, whether you decide to jump in full force or try only one thing new, your body will appreciate it and your spirit will glow.

Cleanse Support from Allyu Spa

  • Homeopathic Detox Liquid Drops – Cleanses the lymphatic system, liver, kidneys and gallbladder – $44.38
  • Infrared Detoxifying Body Wrap – w/ 40 min massage: $190 | w/ 60 min massage: $210
  • Infrared Sauna Therapy – $25 as a stand alone treatment or $20 in addition to other service ($5 each additional person)
  • Detox Foot Pads – 12 count: $35 or 30 count: $85
  • Dry Body Brushes – $7

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