The Chocolate Mani & Pedi is Here!

Chocolate is a delight to the senses but did you know that it is also skin softening and rich in antioxidants that assist to heal and protect your hands and feet? Recent research has also found that the scent of chocolate lessens feelings of stress and anxiety.

Our new Allyu Seasonal manicure and pedicure treatments utilizes this gift of nature to create an experience nourishing to body and mind.

The softening of natural lactic enzymes from milk and a touch of cocoa in a warm soak prepares the skin and relaxes the muscles. Pure Cocoa is also used in your cinnamon and

sugar scrub exfoliation and blended with honey and Dead Sea mud to create a perfect winter mask. A cocoa butter moisturizing massage offers that extra rich hydration needed in winter and works wonders on chapped dry skin.

Of course, we also have fresh hot chocolate for you to sip during your treatment to assure that all your senses are treated equally!

Allyu Seasonal Manicure – $50
Allyu Seasonal Pedicure – $75

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