Employee Highlight: Azucena

Azucena has been working with us at Allyu Spa for almost five years. She is a nail technician and chakra balancing practitioner. If you have visited us for any service, there is a good chance you have seen her smiling and tending to a client. Her positivity and enjoyment of her work is unmistakable.

Azucena is from a lineage of women that care for others. Her family is from Oaxaca, Mexico, where her Mother works with herbs and her Grandmother was a Sobadora, a traditional Mexican healer that uses special oils and bodywork techniques. She was raised with knowledge of intuitive touch and an understanding of its importance.

As a nail technician, she knows that each person comes to her for different reasons. A client may have foot pain that could benefit from reflexology techniques, thickened calluses that need a specialized approach, a stressful week that can be improved with nurturing and quiet relaxation, or simply the desire for lovely toes before an event. Azucena knows that each of these needs is equally important and she takes joy in providing the results desired.

One of her favorite nail services to provide is Hot Stone massage during the manicure and pedicure. Relaxation of the mind and body is inevitable with the warmth of the stones and the stimulation of these important zones on the hands and feet.

We are thrilled that Azucena has recently added Chakra Balancing to her offerings at Allyu Spa. These sessions are scheduled for either 40 or 60 minutes and occur in a private treatment room. Each practitioner that provides our Chakra Balancing utilizes their own unique skills in energetic bodywork. Azucena brings her innate intuitive abilities, her learning from her Mother and Grandmother, and her training as a Reiki practitioner together in her sessions. Her work rebalances the mind and body in a profoundly restorative and relaxing way.

It’s no surprise that Azucena states that her favorite part of her career is personalizing her work to provide results for each individual’s specific needs.

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  1. gonzalo

    I went today for a reflexology massage and I really enjoyed it..
    Azucena is the best….


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