Employee Highlight: Becky

Becky has been a practicing massage therapist since 1996 and Allyu Spa was blessed to have her join our community recently after her relocation to Chicago. Her work provides a beautiful blend of deep relaxation and therapeutic relief of discomfort and pain.

Her specialtiesheadache relief, shoulder and neck pain resulting from excessive computer use, runners’ massage

Becky relocated to Chicago from Seattle Washington. Her massage career began there during the dot-com boom and provided her with a plethora of experience with clients who struggled with the pain and discomfort resulting from chronic desk and computer work. Headaches, shoulder pain and neck discomfort are all common results of the posture and lifestyle connected with excessive computer use. Becky developed an expertise in dealing with these issues and providing invaluable suggestions for homecare and maintenance.

When Becky began running in 2001, her client base evolved to include athletes that were looking to maintain optimum performance or rehabilitate injury. Her personal knowledge of the body’s process while running and her skill as a body-worker were the perfect compliment to provide exceptional personalized and therapeutic sports massage.

Her massage styledeep tissue, neuromuscular, sports massage, Lomi Lomi

Over her years as a professional massage therapist, Becky has continued to educate herself in a vast number of modalites to be able to address each person’s unique needs. The core techniques she utilizes are deep tissue sports massage, neuromuscular work and traditional Hawaiiam Lomi Lomi. Neuromuscular techniques utilize steady pressure on specific areas of pain until the mind and muscle release the contraction. Also referred to as trigger point work. Lomi Lomi is a traditional Hawaiian massage that uses deep and flowing forearm strokes to melt and release layer after layer of tight tissue. She has found that these techniques used together most efficiently support the body into a place of relaxation and freedom from pain.

Her unique touchaddress an issue three times

Becky has found that if any area in contraction or pain is addressed three different times, in there different ways, during a session, results increase dramatically. With chronic shoulder pain, she may begin work in the area with kneading and loosening deep tissue and then allow time for the muscles to process the work as she massages elsewhere. Her return to the shoulder area may be with the specific focus of neuromuscular trigger point techniques and then then a final revisit at the end of the session with the strong, lengthening strokes of Lomi Lomi. At each pass the muscle is experiencing new and different stimuli to encourage it to relax and release.

Her life outside of workrunning, skiing and traveling

Becky loves to be active and involved with life. If a good run isn’t available, she welcomes a journey to bring new adventure and knowledge. She has traveled to Spain, Greece, Chile and beyond. This Fall she will fulfill a life long dream of seeing wild game during a trip to South Africa.

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