Benvenuti a Bird di vista (Welcome to Bird’s Eye View)

Nina in PositanoSaluti!

Normally, I spend my days perched in my cage by the window, greeting all of you as you come to visit my second home. Now, I find myself being more involved as the self-proclaimed Allyu mascot. As many of you of know, I just got promoted at Allyu to have my very own blog!  Here I will report on all of the behind the scenes actions, from the most recent of celebrations to the upcoming of new events. Let’s get started!

Recently, I went on a very big expedition to Italy with Tamara; we traveled to Naples and Positano. You may have seen Positano in the movie, Under the Tuscan Sun. This little village in the hills was absolutely beautiful.  They are famous for Limoncello and “L’Albertissimo”, two very popular drinks. Have you ever had one? Of course, Naples, or “New City,” was also quite a sight! Naples was is one of the oldest inhabited cities in the world and the third largest in Italy, I had to stop myself from flying around all over the place!

After my jet set life for over two weeks, I was exhausted. I was not my lively self.  But after seeing Susan Lipschutz, taking several naps and playing with my bell… I was starting to feel revived again. Susan’s monthly meditation was exactly what I needed from my jet lag; taking the time to transition from being a mover and a shaker to life at home…until next time.  I overheard some squawking about how yoga and mediation go hand in hand. I thought to myself, how wonderful it is that September is National Yoga Awareness Month! Yoga is a great way maintain a healthy and balanced life! I have now started a morning routine of yoga stretches and meditation, I may even get some Allyu participates to join me, but more on that later.

Next month on Bird’s Eye View:

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– My favorite stone… (Christmas is coming… hint,hint)

– Iago the Parrot is so misunderstood…but mostly by me

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