Space Clearing

Traditions of house blessing and space clearing have been used in almost every culture since time began. It is not a new age phenomena but a proactive way to clear stagnant energy, increase focus and empower your environment. Energetic clutter behaves like physical clutter. It can hinder you, create distraction or simply be something you no longer want.

Clearing a space is not an announcement that something “bad” has happened or that some ill will is looming. A space could need clearing of the patterns of someone who lived there prior to you or the residual anxiety experienced during a tough time. You may simply want to liven up the energy after a dormant period.

Any physicist would tell you that everything is a vibration. Even if we can’t always identify it with our five senses, we are affected. Imagine clearing your space as resetting it to the vibration that best nourishes you – like tuning it to the music station you love.

Set your intention however is comfortable for you before you begin.

As mundane as it sounds, the best way to start any space clearing is to physically clean it. Organize and place furniture in a way that feels best to you. That mirror that you’ve always wanted to move to the front hall? Move it. It probably means that it assists the energy of the home to align with you and your efforts. Does your pile of old magazines make you feel connected to knowledge and history or in avoidance of a recycling run? Look around your home or office and feel how it affects you. Enjoy the process. If you feel like it only needs a quick dusting, perfect!

The classic tools for space clearing are smudge, salt, and sound. There are pages of detailed information on the process of clearing but I personally believe that your intuition and intention will provide the best route. Use one or all of the traditional methods or something uniquely yours.

Smudging is the use of smoke from sage, incense or wood to clear energy. Because of our connection to the North American tradition, most of us are familiar with sage. When burnt, it creates a thick smoke. Bring the smoke into each room or wave it into corners and unoccupied areas with a feather. Set your intention to have the smoke dissipate any heavy energy and take it away with the smoke as it clears. At Allyu, we burn a sweet smelling wood from South America called Palo Santo. We smudge the space regularly and set our intention to have a clean, open space for our staff and guests.

Salt is miraculous. Its ability to pull energy and hold it has been used for centuries. Now science is beginning to explore this trait of salt to preserve our planet. New technologies are using molten salt to store energy collected from solar panels so that it can be used throughout the night. You can also use salt to collect and store. Walk through your home with a bowl of sea salt during your cleansing, or leave a small bowl of sea salt in areas of your home or office that experience high traffic or conflicting energy. Don’t forget to change it out on occasion.

Sound is a method for focusing energy and intention that we innately know. A church bell ringing through the sky, rain falling on a roof, or a favorite song can immediately change our mood and reset our intentions. The clean sound vibration of bells and gongs are regularly used for ceremony and in sacred settings. In energy clearing, the result is palpable. Stop at various places in your space and ring a bell. Allow it to ring through to silence. Imagine the strong sound vibration shaking up every molecule in the room, waking it up, opening it up. In some rooms the ring may sound dull. If so, stay there and repeat the process until the sound is clear and vibrant.

Your body is also a vessel that houses your mind and spirit and interacts with numerous energies each day. If you chose, you can use these methods to cleanse yourself as well. Run the smudging smoke over yourself or take a warm salt bath at completion.

Take a moment in gratitude for the body, space and planet that provides for you each day!

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