Energetic Space Clearing Methods

In our physical spaces, energy becomes built up over time. The many different people who enter the space bring their different energies, and those energies can linger in the space long after the person leaves. This can lead to a hectic, stressful, strange, or uncomfortable feeling hanging in the space.  We all lead such busy lives in the city that when you get home after a full day at work or running errands, the last thing you want to do is feel a bunch of energy clogging up your space that can make it difficult to relax. But luckily, we can help ground our modern lives with the help of smudging and clearing techniques that date back to ancient times.

There are many different ways to clear the energy in your space.  One of the more popular ways of smudging is by using a sage bundle.SpaceClearingAltar This method is the process of spreading the smoke from a burning bundle of sage throughout your space to allow this awesome herb to relieve the space of the energy it has been holding. While you spread the smoke, use your intention to help cleanse the space of its energy, and to help balance your own energy.  I find that purposefully thinking about the energy rising out of the room with the smoke and taking a moment to be grateful for this day and the space invites in a serene, positive feeling. You may use a feather to assist in the distribution of the smoke, or you may simply carry the smudging stick around the area.  In addition to using sage smoke to cleanse, smudging rituals may also be done using precious herbs and woods such as palo santo, cedar, and sweetgrass.

Another beautiful way to clear your space of energy is by using sound. SoundClearingChimes, gongs, bells, and singing bowls are some of the tools that may be used to create a resonant, powerful tone that helps to push the energy out and open your space.  If smudging with sage smoke allows the energy to gently rise out of the space, then using the beautiful resonating note of a singing bowl is like pushing the energy out with a powerful sound wave.  It is not aggressive, but there is a definite push when a chime is struck– the energy gets shaken up.  While it can be a more playful way to cleanse your space, the gorgeous resonance of these instruments is incredibly calming and helps to ground a restless mind in the present moment.

If you prefer a more subtle, gentle way to cleanse your home, selenite is a wonderful thing to have in your space.  Selenite is a frosty-looking, clear SeleniteLampand white mineral that does not hold its own energy and actually cleanses the energy of its surroundings.  This delicate gift from the earth can be made into many different objects, making it a versatile and easy way to help keep your space’s energy balanced.  By placing a selenite lamp, incense holder, palm stone, or wand in your space,  your intentions of having a balanced, calm space can be realized.

To cleanse your space, it is important to use the method that feels right to you.  Whether you love the sweet, woodsy scent of palo santo, the powerful and opulent notes of a singing bowl, or the crystalline beauty of selenite, cleansing your space will surely help calm the energy of your home, and of your self.

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