Allyu Spa Wish Box

The New Moon is, as the name would imply, the beginning of the lunar cycle of waxing and waning. When the moon is new and a sliver of it appears out of the darkness of the Balsamic Moon’s introspection and depth, this marks the time when the moon’s energy is most receptive to our intentions and can help us manifest our truest hopes and dreams.  We simply need to put them out into the universe with our whole hearts.

Here at Allyu Spa, we have a small teakwood box that sits in front of the stunning Ganesha statue WishBoxthat dates back to the 1100s on our altar just outside of the meditation tent. We call this our Wish Box. We invite our clients to write down a hope, dream, or prayer on a piece of paper, fold it up, and put it in the box. Then, on the New Moon, each piece of paper is held with intention, love, and surrender in the moonlight as a means of giving that wish to the energy of the universe.

Allyu Spa owner Tamara Wills takes time on each New Moon to surrender the wishes of the Allyu community to the receptive, open energy of the universe. I sat down with her to find out more about what this New Moon ritual means for the Allyu community.

AK: What does the wish box represent about Allyu?

TW: Our wish box was left to us by someone who worked here from the time we opened until she married and moved to Boston. I’m still in touch with her! It had been her personal prayer box for years and she wanted to leave it to Allyu when she moved. That fact makes it even so much more precious to me! Since it was a heart gift from a person that worked here, it does represent the importance of our community in a very direct way.

It does also represent the importance we place on the unique and beautiful journey of each person we encounter, and our consistent efforts to honor their place on that journey. We obviously deal very directly with the physical but want to always be aware that we are interacting with the complex and amazing wholeness of a person – their spirit, dreams, emotions, challenges, joys, etc. The wish box allows both guests and staff a way to bring that wholeness here, and feel that it’s honored.

AK: Why are the wishes surrendered on the new moon, as opposed to on a full moon?

TW: The New Moon is the time with the moon cycle begins, the moon and the sun are as close as they’ll get in the sky during the cycle and often only a sliver of moon is visible. This is the START of a cycle of fruition so we surrender the prayers and wishes at that time. Some people prefer to have similar rituals at the Full Moon, the time of fruition. For now, we’ve simply chosen to toss them loose at the beginning of the wave and surrender them to grow and develop as they need.

AK: What does surrender mean to you? Why is it important that we surrender?

TW: Surrender is an uncommon word in our cultural vocabulary! Using this word communicates that we are not doing anything– no magic spells!– no special power. It is simply a moment of love and care, honoring those dreams/wishes/challenges. It does of course suggest that we, at least I, believe there is something to surrender to, and I do. The symbols of spiritual beliefs from around the world in the space corroborate. I do believe there is a great mystery, a divine energy that we can align with. Our surrender is intended as loving support to those wishes in the box to find their way on that wave.

AK: What are you hoping to give to the clients and community of Allyu by having the wish box?

TW: I hope that it’s a symbol to guests and our community that their unique wholeness, including the challenges on their journey, are honored here. I believe it also invites guests to remember what their dreams and wishes are and intentionally have them in their minds during service. The stressors in their bodies around these issues may surface and be more accessible to resolve in service. The healing of relaxation may inspire part of a dream or soothe some of the worry from a challenging time when it’s more in the forefront. Its an invitation to bring IT ALL here and feel safe with it, and allow yourself to be nurtured.

Allyu is the Quechua term for community. A community goes beyond being a group of people in one space or under one roof (or meditation tent, as it were!), it is the feeling of connection and fellowship that happens when people come together and feel a part of something.  One of the common goals or threads that connects the Allyu community is the desire to lift up and hold space for one another.  We open our hearts and ourselves to people from all walks of life, with all different stories and experiences, with all their lightness and shadows, to join us in this profound connection.

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