Chakra Balancing Bios

Cameron starts every chakra balance with explanation of aura and chakras and how our energies affect our lives and bodies. The session typically starts with energy work, and if any visualizations occur, they are discussed before moving into a guided meditation.  Cameron’s goal is to be as comforting and understanding as possible–yet totally honest with her clients. Her sessions focus on relaxation, letting go and moving out blockages to move forward.

Colin has been practicing basic energy work since 2001, and became more focused through concentrated studies since 2009. At his core, he believes that movement of energy and Ki is essential to one’s health and well-being. Colin uses a combination of Reiki, esoteric shamanic practices, and guided meditation to help achieve balance within the chakra and energy systems of the body.

Gerri offers a combination of Reiki and Core Synchronism.  Core Sync is similar to Cranial Sacral work and can be beneficial for relaxation and headache relief or prevention.  Reiki can create balance and deep relaxation.  Clients may expect to feel calm and refreshed after the session.

Tania practices a modality called Craniosacral Therapy in her Chakra Balancing sessions. This practice helps to calm and regulate the nervous system,  focusing on the concept of “primary respiration” and regulating the flow of cerebrospinal fluid by using therapeutic touch.  She is also attuned to Reiki, which clears blocked energy and encourages energetic balance.

Jasmine begins her sessions by opening the meridians in the body by using gentle acupressure, followed by a combination of reiki and shiatsu style energy work. Her goals during the session are to release any energetic blockages both found in the chakras, meridians, and physical body. Her work is very meditative and can provide relaxation and insight depending on what each client needs. At the end of each appointment, Jasmine discusses the experience and suggests self-care for long lasting results.

Amber has always been drawn toward the world beyond our five senses. Through her years of experience with healing touch and studies in shiatsu, reiki and chakra clearing, she works with the theory that we all encompass a “subtle” body along with our physical bodies. This part of ourselves becomes just as affected by all emotions, ailments, illnesses and circumstances as our physical bodies do. By addressing her clients’ energy systems through reiki, indirect myofascial release, acupressure, visualizations and guided meditations, she is able to gently usher the body toward its own natural healing abilities, opening up the potential for deep releasing of all kinds. Her compassionate and focused approach aims to adapt each session for the individual in that moment on that day with the goal that everyone feel comfortable, confident and more in tune with their own body when they leave.