Instructions for editing this page

In order to make the content of the workshops page more dynamic and to automatically update the home page with the newest event/mediation/workshop, we created a custom workshops page that pulls posts from your Events category.

In order to add a new workshop, simply go to Posts > Add New and create a post about that particular event.  Before you publish the post, sort it into the ‘Events’ category.  This will automatically add it to the top of the workshops page and make it the featured event on the homepage.

The “Workshop Dates” is a custom field that you can add in the “Custom Fields Box.” Just select it from the dropdown and then add the dates as a value (ie. December 4th through December 6th or however you would like to format the dates) You can also create new custom fields (if you wanted to make a “Location” field or something like that) by clicking the “Enter New” link.

To remove a workshop or event from the workshops page, either change it’s category (it will still be in your blog roll, just not on this page) or change it’s status from “Published” to “Draft”

(Note: these instructions are only visible to the editors, not the public.  Feel free to update with any relevant notes)

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