Our Space

Our space does not include communal locker rooms, but we are happy to check items for you, and will provide a robe and spa bag for you to keep your personal items with you if you are receiving multiple services. You will change into spa sandals to begin your journey and, if you desire, can transition in our relaxation area before and after your service. Private shower rooms are complimentary for our guests, but they do require reservation and are based on availability. An assortment of herbal teas and water are available for your enjoyment.

A beautifully appointed gathering room is available for spa groups desiring additional visiting time. Please call us directly or visit the area of website pertaining to spa packages & groups for information on availability and rates.

We appreciate communication between clients and our employees. If you need anything (lower music volume, a robe to change into, more tea) please do not hesitate to ask. We pride our staff on being attentive to your needs, and communication creates community as well.