Personal Spa Day

Escape the stressors of daily life with a spa day at Allyu. Whether you select one of our precisely arranged spa packages, or elect to make your own, you will enjoy a day of restful relaxation.

Carnelian strengthens physical energy and life force. It supports courage on a new life path and dispels anxieties around childbirth and motherhood.
60 minute pre or post-natal massage  |  60 minute facial  |  spa pedicure
$275, gratuity included   |  Allow 3.5 hrs

Hematite is one of the most effective grounding stones, supporting a re-connection to the body and aiding manifestation in life.
60 min massage   |  60 min facial   |  spa manicure & pedicure
$315, gratuity included  | Allow 3.75 hrs

Topaz balances emotions and releases tension, promoting joy and rejuvenation of spirit and body.
30 min infrared sauna w/ shower  |  90 min reflexology/massage OR chakra/massage blend  |  90 min facial
$345, gratuity included   |   Allow 4 hrs

Aquamarine is a stone of beauty, honesty and courage. It can clarify the thought processes, reducing stress and calming the mind.
Sugar body polish w/50 min massage  |  any 75 min specialty facial (excl Silver Ion facial)  |  detox pedicure
$395, gratuity included   |   Allow 4 hrs

Jade relates to the heart and increases love and nurturing. It is also a protective stone, bringing harmony and good fortune.
30 min sauna | 60 min massage | 40 min reflexology OR chakra balancing | 90 min facial
spa manicure | hot stone pedicure | break with light lunch provided
$490, gratuity included   |   Allow 6.5-7 hrs

Selenite is a powerful cleansing and healing stone. It brings in pure light from higher realms to support personal transformation.
Infrared wrap w/60 min massage  |  Silver Ion facial  |  reflexology pedicure
$530, gratuity included   |   Allow 5 hrs


Custom Personal Spa Day

You are also welcome to design your own Custom Spa Day experience. Three or more services enjoyed on the same day, valued at $275 or higher, is considered a Custom Personal Spa Day. A 10% discount will be applied to all services and 20% gratuity will be automatically added and dispersed to your practitioners.

*An infrared sauna session is not included as a service during a custom spa day and is not available at a discounted rate.

*Personal Spa Days are intended for use by one person during a luxurious day at our spa. Packages are non-refundable.

*24 hours notice is required for cancellation or reschedule of a Personal Spa Day package.