Manicures and Pedicures

Our nail room reflects the warmth and serenity found throughout the spa. Enjoy a cup of tea and a warm neck pillow as our talented nail staff softens, soothes, and beautifies your hands and feet.

Classic Spa Manicure  –  $35   |   Classic Spa Pedicure   –  $50
Spa treatments include cuticle and callus softening, a thorough nail grooming, aromatic sugar exfoliation, relaxing massage, and lasting polish.

Men’s Manicure  –  $30   |   Men’s Pedicure  –  $45
Expert grooming of nails and cuticles followed by an exfoliating sugar scrub, relaxing massage, and nail buffing to a clean finish.

Callus Care Pedicure   –  $60
All the amenities of our spa pedicure with additional callus care treatment to maintain and control the toughened skin that builds up with the wear and tear on our feet.

Hot Stone Pedicure  –  $65
All the amenities of our spa pedicure with additional massage using warm basalt stones to melt away tension and soothe sore, achy muscles.

Reflexology Manicure  –  $50   |   Reflexology Pedicure  –  $65
All the amenities of our spa nail services with reflexology technique and additional massage to balance the body and mind.

Extended Wear Manicure  –  $40
Extended Wear Soak off Removal  –  $15   |   Removal with any Manicure  –  $12
This hybrid of a gel and traditional lacquer provides flawless nail color and amazing endurance. The polish is cured under LED light, dries instantly, and can last for up to 14 days of perfect wear. Ten minute professional soak removal leaves the nail plate intact and undamaged. DBP, toluene, and formaldehyde free. We recommend scheduling your removal appointment approximately 14 days from the application date. Our guarantee protects your Extended Wear Manicure for the first 7 days.

* Please let us know if you currently have Extended Wear Polish applied when you make subsequent appointments to ensure adequate time for an amazing nail service.

Restorative Manicure  –  $45   |   Restorative Pedicure  –  $65
This aromatic manicure and pedicure is our most exfoliating, leaving the skin silky soft and radiant. A highly active alpha hydroxy mask deeply exfoliates the skin and infuses it with antioxidants. Enriched with coconut and macadamia nut oils, these therapeutic treatments smooth and hydrate your hard-working hands and feet naturally.

Detox Pedicure  –  $75
This therapeutic pedicure is designed to eliminate toxins and jump-start your body’s natural healing capabilities.  A Himalayan Pink Salt and essential oils soak draws out toxins,  an aromatic Myrrh and Sandalwood scrub softens skin and encourages circulation, and our Neem and Volcanic Ash mask draws out impurities while infusing your skin with minerals and moisture.  The treatment concludes with a relaxing reflexology massage. Enjoy a cup of anti-inflammatory Nettle Herbal Tea as you relax and soak, further activating your body’s healing functions.

Signature Manicure  –  $50   |   Signature  Pedicure  –  $75
Indonesian Wild Ginger & Coconut
Our most luxurious nail treatments utilize the finest natural ingredients to nurture the hands and feet.  Indonesian Ginger encourages healthy circulation and boosts the body’s natural healing response.  Its exotic aroma is evocative of a tranquil journey, reducing stress and instilling a sense of well-being.  Coconut, sesame, and argan oils nourish dry skin with omega 3’s, while plum oil and maqui berry help to reduce inflammation.  These exceptional services include our unique crystal-based massage,  which utilizes the energetic benefits of heated quartz, jasper, and tourmaline to relax both body and mind.

Add-on Nail Services
Add french tip to nail service  –  $10 for mani and $12 for pedi
Add extended wear to nail service  –  $20 for mani and $25 for pedi
Add reflexology to spa nail service  –  $15
Add additional massage to pedicure  –  $15
Add hot stone therapy to pedicure  –  $15
Add callus treatment to pedicure  –  $12