Spa Body Treatments

Nurture your body’s largest organ—the skin—with one of our unique body treatments. Whether wrap or scrub, our pampering body treatments provide an experience that is both relaxing and rejuvenating.

Neem and Volcanic Clay Wrap
Experience the innate healing and nurturing properties of this Ayurvedic-inspired, nutrient-rich body wrap. Lymphatic stimulation through dry brushing will invigorate your immune system and prepare your skin to absorb the essential minerals. Essential oils and herbs soothe the mind and invigorate circulation.  This aromatic treatment will leave the skin soft, firm, and radiant.  After the wrap, you will rinse in one of our private showers and return to the treatment room for luxurious moisture application.
*transitioning directly to a massage therapy service is an ideal way to extend relaxation
90 minutes –  $150

Exfoliating Sugar Body Polish with Massage
Organic sugars, essential oils, and body oils gently lift away old cells and polish skin to a glow while stimulating the lymphatic immune response. After the scrub, you will rinse in one of our private showers and return to the treatment room for either a 50 or 80 minute massage, accentuating detoxification and skin hydration.
w/50 minute massage – $150 | w/80 minute massage – $190

Infrared Detox Body Wrap
The ultimate combination of attention to your whole body. Dry brushing stimulates the lymphatic system and prepares the skin for optimum absorption of oils that heal and take down inflammation. Infrared heat then relaxes muscles while detoxifying, followed by a 60 minute massage.
w/60 minute massage – $220

Scalp Massage Treatment
Our Ayurvedic-inspired treatment soothes the mind and hydrates dry scalp with organic sesame oil, myrrh, and sandalwood.  A lovely enhancement for any massage or body treatment, this focused massage takes relaxation to the next level. Available only as an add-on to body treatments and massages.
30 minute- $70