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We are always looking for individuals to join our community. If you have a minimum of two years industry experience and are interested in working with us, please email your resume and cover letter to birgitta@allyuspa.com.

Employment Opportunities

Allyu Spa is hiring licensed massage therapists to join our busy department. We currently have part time hours available.

Massage Therapists

Clinical, Therapeutic, Firm
 Chris specializes in therapeutic massage with the intention of correcting postural deviations, as well as educating his clients to provide self care to progressively reach a point of living without pain. This can be accomplished through deep tissue massage, trigger point work, sports massage, stretching, myofascial work, and joint manipulation. Chris goal is working with clients to resolve their pain and meet their individual needs.

Firm, Intuitive, Healing
Ciara believes in a holistic approach to healing and restoring the body & mind. During each session, Ciara uses her intuition to guide her through the body to target areas of tension. She includes trigger point therapy, energy work and myofascial release to deepen relaxation and ease stress. She enjoys helping clients treat their headaches and low back pain through mindful stretching, grounding and reflexology.

Integrating, Unconventional, Intuitive
Cindy is a tri-skilled technician in massage, energy work, and esthetics from the island of Bali, Indonesia. Developing her signature style of therapeutic treatment, she utilizes Reiki and her natural gift of energy healing through our Chakra Balancing service. She combines Eastern and Western techniques with stretching and acupressure points, moving energy through the meridians. Cindy’s philosophy for all her work is to let the art of healing in you and finding body, mind, and spirit in balance.

Relaxing, Intentional, Focused

Dorie specializes in therapeutic massage with the intent to balance the body. By adjusting to the client’s needs, Dorie has hands of intuition that will give you nurturing comfort while providing therapeutic techniques to give you the proper care your body needs. She has a knowledge of and passion for many different specialties, including myofascial release, trigger point therapy, Swedish massage, sports massage, acupressure, and stretching techniques.

Rhythmic, Fluid, Tranquil
Dylan is a Chicago-based Professional Dance Artist and Licensed Massage Therapist.  Dylan is interested in helping her clients reduce tension and find freedom and ease through massage and movement. Dylan specializes in Swedish Massage, while incorporating sprinkles of myofascial release, Thai massage, and stretching – depending on the client’s needs. She believes in a relaxing and “melting” approach.  Dylan helps clients find better body awareness through touch.

Methodical, Structured, Compassionate
Fran believes in assessing for and working with postural distortions. Frances believes in the power of touch, necessity for manual therapy and the bodies innate wisdom in healing itself.  She is certified in Table Thai, Advance Myofascial, Swedish, Deep Fascial work, Body Mobilization and Prenatal and Structural Integration.

Clinical, Engaging, Intuitive
Jenn is a Chicago native with nearly 15 years of experience in the massage industry. She loves blending the clinical and therapeutic aspects of massage for a more well-balanced and integrative treatment; Jenn can range from therapeutic to deep specific work. Her aim is to establish better mobility & sense of reconnection with the body, mind and spirit. Jenn’s ultimate goal is to help clients recognize what can be fixed through educating them on measures that can lead to a path of better movement, healing and relief of stress and pain.

Thorough, Firm, Therapeutic
 Kelly enjoys offering therapeutic, deep tissue, trigger point, and sports massage with a particular focus on reliving tension in the neck. Kelly also specializes in techniques to relive the pain of TMJ – as she has first hand knowledge of both the discomfort and techniques to alleviate it.

Balanced, Restorative, Revitalizing
Leah has experience working in medical, chiropractic and spa settings. She has studied Trigger Point Therapy extensively. She’s also studied Zero Balancing, a hands-on modality that helps energy circulate more effectively through the body. Leah’s study and practice of qigong and yoga inform her work. She enjoys drawing from these various modalities to create an individualized experience that will help each client to feel his or her best.

Morgan “Mac”
Methodical, Attuned, Calming
Throughout his tenure as a massage therapist, Mac has always felt a strong connection to the shamanic healing nature of therapeutic bodywork. Many of his clients throughout the years have asked him if he provides any energy work, simply based on his technique. Mac has always drawn from a variety of time tested practices to provide a massage that helps restore the mind-body connection, which is why Allyu was always an attractive destination. And furthering his ability to provide an even more calming and restorative service has been the inclusion of chakra balancing. A massage therapist first, Mac utilizes his experience addressing the physical to truly feel out what’s going on with the body; as an energy worker, the root is most associated with the physical and is the base on which all higher levels are built. Whether a traditional massage, a general chakra balancing, or intentional focus on a particular physical—or energetic—concern, Mac brings a powerful and unique perspective to your self care. 

Grounding, Magical, Healing
Sandra’s style of massage is more of a therapeutic approach combining different modalities, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, Trigger Point, Energy work. Sandra has a appreciation for everyone’s uniqueness and need, she will tailor your massage to ease the stress of your daily life and assist the body’s ability to self-heal by creating a grounding experience to bring awareness back to self.

Therapeutic, Intuitive, Clinical
Neli likes to listen to the body and provide a dedicated intention to accommodate the specific needs of the day. Her goal is to facilitate a safe space where the body can use its intrinsic knowledge to heal itself. Whether you’re looking to relax, manage pain, athletic maintenance or just decompress, Neli can flex to a variety of styles. She incorporates myofascial release therapy, deep tissue, and trigger point therapy among other techniques.

Nurturing, Compassionate, Intuitive
Sayle specializes in Intuitive Bodywork. She is trained in Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Functional Methods Techniques, Applied Kinesiology, Reiki, BEAM, Theta Healing, and uses her unique gifts of Clairsentience to assist her clients. Sayle aspires to enhance her clients’ well-being by facilitating the release of the body’s extraordinary healing potential.
Clinical, Therapeutic, Intentional
Roger specializes in therapeutic deep tissue and trigger point massage with the intention of relieving muscular pain and dysfunction. He enjoys working with clients who want to overcome on-going muscular pain and soreness in order to live happier, healthier lives. Roger is passionate helping clients who are dealing with chronic pain, headaches, and postural dysfunction associated with office work and regular computer use.  Roger practices foot reflexology, he also has advanced training in treating TMJ disorder, including intra-oral massage.

Present, Intentional, Thorough
Tina is fascinated by the complexities of the physical, mental, & spirit bodies and their interconnectedness. Her bodywork style is a confident yet soothing touch that pulls from various modalities. She is exceptionally proficient in the neck and sacral hip work. Tina deeply honors the biopsychosocial/mind-body-spirit approach to wellness. She sees massage as a tool for people to (re)connect to their body and self positively and healthily, which can initiate the natural self-healing response and reduce chronic and acute stress and pain.


Meet Tiara: the hormonal acne and chakra balancing esthetician. With over 15 years of expertise in the field, Tiara is a master in crafting customized beauty regimens that improve skin health and boost confidence. She was educated at Skin Institute St. Louis, where she specialized in skincare science and cosmetic chemistry. Tiara is well-versed in various skincare technologies, and keeps herself updated with the latest trends and advancements in the industry. Tiara believes in a holistic approach to skincare, incorporating diet, exercise, and overall well-being into her recommendations. She is known for her deep understanding of skin biology and her ability to treat a wide range of skin conditions. Her unique blend of technical expertise, creativity and client-centered care makes her a favorite among clients. She creates a soothing environment where clients can relax and rejuvenate while receiving top-notch skin treatments.


Mimi started out as a nail technician for twelve years. She wanted to extend into the beauty industry and she found her heart in esthetics. Mimi is trained in Ayurvedic facials and is passionate about providing the utmost relaxing experience. She believes in meeting the connection between self-care and skin care goals by providing a warm and supportive atmosphere for her clients.

Natalie is an esthetician with a love for facials and skincare. Her background contains a variety of advanced skincare treatments, and her passion lies in educating each of her clients. She enjoys creating a personalized experience for each of her guests, and believes in the importance of creating a bond. Helping each guest reach their personal skincare goals is her favorite part, and she loves watching their confidence grow. She ensures each client leaves feeling refreshed, relaxed, educated, and all-around taken care of.

Nicole  enjoys treating a multitude of different skin types and loves educating her clients and seeing lasting results in their skin. The most important aspect of a facial for Nicole is helping her clients relax and walk away feeling refreshed and beautiful. She also excels in speed waxing clients, striving to curate a comfortable environment for everyone who enters her room. 

Phuc is very passionate about every aspect of skincare. She enjoys treating clients to a relaxing and delightful experience. She is known for her soothing and gentle touch. She ensures that her clients have a wonderful experience and walk away with a better understanding of how best to continue a healthy and rejuvenating practice for their skin.

Sara has been practicing as an esthetician since 2015. She is most inspired by plant medicine and energy healing, which influences her skincare philosophies. She is a reiki master and provides intuitively guided affirmations that clients can use while focusing on their at-home skincare routine. Sara encourages self-love, self-acceptance and consistent use of quality products to achieve your healthiest and happiest skin. She is known for her soothing touch, deep relaxation and results-driven facials. She enjoys educating and empowering her clients to work towards their skin’s optimal health. Her guests often compliment her attentiveness, massage flow and quick painless waxing services.

Nail Technicians

Tammy has 20 years of experience providing the highest level of service to clients. She is passionate about her work and her goal is to deliver an excellent experience.


Denise brings 13 years of experience and true love for the beauty industry!  She is a dual licensed professional holding both a Nail Technology and Esthetics license.  She takes great pride in her work and considers it a privilege to make others feel their best.  She particularly enjoys pedicures and brought the use of the e-file to our community.